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IIOSS SeiJuku™ Corporate Profiler

Why IIOSS SeiJuku™ Corporate Profiler

The organization passes through five developmental phases: Formation, Expansion, Transition, SeiJuku, and Saturation. While moving through these phases, the organization can experience different levels of health: green (excellent health), yellow (acceptable health but needs intervention), and purple (bad health, needs immediate action). So, knowing where your organization is and how healthy it is, provides the management an opportunity to prepare the organizations for the ongoing challenges. The IIOSS SeiJuku Corporate Profiler gives answers to both questions: in which phase your company is and how healthy it is.


Principles of the SeiJuku Lifecycle Model

As it maximizes the business opportunity at its birth, the organization attempts to survive the competition while offering something original and unique. But growing and maturing is not a linear event – the organization needs to resolve its internal and external struggles so that it can survive and prosper.

Every organization is unique. However, there are some principles that are applicable to any kind of organizations - in any industry, of any size, of any nature:

  • Organizations have lifecycles, like all living organisms.
  • The organizations exhibit predictable and repetitive patterns of behavior in each phase of their advancement, and
  • The advancement on the developmental path is exhausting: there is a 壁 (wall) kabe between each phase.

What to Expect from the IIOSS SeiJuku Corporate Profiler?

The following questions most likely will be answered by taking the IIOSS SeiJuku Corporate Profiler:

  • At which phase your company predominantly is
  • What is ahead, what kind of problems are coming down the road
  • What changes are needed for a smooth advancement to the next phase
  • How old the separate entities within the organization are
  • How healthy your organization as a whole is
  • How healthy the separate entities within the organization are
  • How healthy is the climate/culture in your organization
  • How healthy is the vision/mission of your company
  • How effective is the structure of your company
  • How accountable your organization is.

How does the IIOSS SeiJuku Corporate Profiler Work?

Individuals, either in a personalized or in a group setting, take the IIOSS SeiJuku Corporate Profiler. Based on the results, every individual examinee receives an Individual Report.

By combining several individual responses to IIOSS SeiJuku Corporate Profiler into a group report, you will be able to see how the group perceives both age and health of your organization. Rich in all kind of statistical analyses and comparisons, this report is a solid base for many positive actions throughout the organization.


Group Diagnosis by Management Team

  • Besides the individual diagnosis, we diagnose how the company (or divison) is perceived by the management team as a whole.
  • We statistically analyze and compare the distribution of results for each management team.

Executive Workshop for Group Results Presentation

  • Interpretation and explanation of group diagnostic results
  • Discussion about findings
  • Understanding the basics of IIOSS Theory
  • Brainstorming and devising the next steps

Organizational Health by Entities

Health Index of Entity Market by Group Members