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“Jinji to Shusse no Houteishiki ” by Takashi Nagai

“Mirai wo Tsukuru Keieisha” by IIOSS Director and Founder Tetsuo Iwasaki

“Donna Shigoto demo Niwarimashi de Yarinasai” by IIOSS Director and Founder Tetsuo Iwasaki

“Gaishi-kei no Shigoto Jutsu” or “Art of Businesses by International Enterprises” by IIOSS Chairman Tetsuo Iwasaki

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About Us

IIOSS believes that the health of an organization is more important than other factors, such as strategy, for achieving the business goals. In order to diagnose the health of your organization and bring about efficient organizational change, we at IIOSS have developed the IIOSS Theory™ which consists of three models:

  • IIOSS SeiJuku™ Lifecycle Model. Every organization has lifecycle. This Model is based on the premise that any change in your organization follows the predictable patterns of the lifecycle; and
  • IIOSS SeiJuku™ Organization Model. This Model puts your company's employees, jobs, management, environment, goals, market, reward, technology, money, information —all elements that are important for managing your company—into a "single system" model;
  • IIOSS SeiJuku™ Management Style Model. This Model categorizes and analyzes how the management leads your organization.

Using the IIOSS Theory™ based on these three Models, IIOSS will efficiently lead your company to SeiJuku™ phase, which is the most desirable lifecycle phase.

IIOSS SeiJuku™ Lifecycle Model

  • How old is your company?
  • In which phase of the lifecycle your company is. Have you ran into any of the walls on the lifecycle curve?
  • Would you like to know what this means in regard to managing your company?

IIOSS SeiJuku™ Organization Model

  • Have you ever thought more broadly about the structure of your company, besides the traditional "human resource and organization chart"?
  • Have you ever in-depth analyzed the influence of the environment over your company?
  • How does your company perceive change—as problems or opportunities?
  • Have you ever conducted a health-check of your company?

IIOSS SeiJuku™ Management Style Model

  • Have you ever thought what influence your management style might have over your peers or subordinates?
  • Does your style match your current job?
  • Have you ever considered how people with different styles can work together and produce optimal results?

IIOSS has developed innovative diagnostic tools based on these Models. We highly recommend all managers who are determined to bring about change, to undergo a "diagnosis."

IIOSS differs greatly from traditional consulting companies who propose ways to reform and then guide you through their implementation. In the IIOSS consulting method, our clients analyze by themselves their diagnostic results, engage in resolving the issues, and take the lead so that their company changes into an organization where a sustainable growth becomes possible.