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IIOSS Partnership Program

We welcome companies, consulting firms, and individuals interested to participate in helping change companies to achieve SeiJuku through IIOSS Transformation Program. We value our licensed partners as our colleagues in sharing a wide range of common objectives. Thus, we look for long-term relationships where we would like our partners capitalize on the best use of our unique IIOSS platform and its capability.

IIOSS’s Role

We will provide a platform, based on IIOSS Theory, to our licensed partners:

  • IIOSS Methodology for Business Transformation
  • Product line, which includes the Management Profiler, the Organization Profiler, and the Transformation Consulting
  • Seminars and education program
  • Training, certification, and field support
  • Participation in the IIOSS Global Conference.

Licensed Partners’ Role

  • Delivery of Transformation Consulting Services based on the IIOSS Method
  • Seminars and presentations to potential clients
  • Marketing, sales, and delivery of IIOSS products
  • Joint marketing efforts together with IIOSS
  • Participation in the IIOSS Global Conference

We welcome those of you who would like to work with clients in transforming the client-companies to SeiJuku stage, having passion and capability for such a challenging venture.

For those of you who are interested in becoming IIOSS partner or would like to experience a demonstration of our products, please call us at 03-6436-3351, or submit the Contact Us form.