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IIOSS Transformation™ Consulting

Why IIOSS Transformation Consulting

The reason why organizations go through different phases and experience different levels of health is either (a) change in the some of the entities or (b) change in some of the relationships between the entities. Being complex and dynamic systems, the organizations experience a lot of changes in their entities and relationships. As a result of these changes, many incompatibilities, called disharmonies, occur all the time.

In most of the cases, the management is the driving force for change, thus for organizational advancement or decline. We at IIOSS, believe that the basic managerial task is to continuously look for disharmonies in the organization and try to minimize them as much as possible. The IIOSS Transformation Consulting is intended to help organizations in their endeavors to reach the green area of the SeiJuku phase and stay there as long as possible.

What is IIOSS Transformation Consulting

In applying the IIOSS Method to our client organizations, we follow the sequence well known from the medicine:

  • describe, by collecting relevant phase indicators and health symptoms about the current conditions in the organization,
  • diagnose, by systematizing the indicators and symptoms and linking them to a well defined lifecycle and health-model,
  • prescribe, by defining the course of action for treating the root causes of disharmonies,
  • treat, by taking the necessary steps for organization to reach and sustain its green SeiJuku  performance.

Once we, together with the management team, diagnose the phase and health of the organization, we go deeper into entities working on the action plans for each separate entity and for every single relationship established within the organization.

Our efforts to achieve the green SeiJuku phase frequently tackle the existing culture and climate in the organization, its vision and mission, its structure, and the system to keep everyone accountable in the organization. Working in a close collaboration with the client organization, we treat all these areas with one single goal: transform the organization and enable it for its premium performance.

What is to Expect from the IIOSS Transformation Consulting

The main benefits of applying the IIOSS Transformation Conlsuting by the client organizations are:

  • In-depth scanning of all parts and functions in the organization
  • Discovering the complex network of interrelations between the organizational parts and functions
  • Identifying all anomalies in organizational functioning
  • Defining the proper treatment of those anomalies
  • Agreeing on the priorities and dynamics for treating the anomalies
  • Detailing the Transformation Plan™ for reaching the green SeiJuku
  • Mobilizing the whole organization towards reaching the green SeiJuku phas
  • Training the management and employees in sustaining the green SeiJuku phase.

How does the IIOSS Transformation Consulting Work

Our approach is holistic because we do not believe in separate solutions. No one problem has a single root cause – everything is interrelated and, in order to solve this root problem, all entities and relationships contributing to this root cause should be treated simultaneously. Our certified practitioners think practical implementation, use simple and straightforward language, and give honest answers. That is why the cooperation between the client organization and IIOSS Practitioners produce convincing results.

Our work is conducted in both individual and group settings – the nature of the anomaly will tell us which way to go. Our sessions are either within or after business hours. Again, the gravity of treated anomalies will tell us how and for how long to treat them.

Whichever way we chose, it is in a total agreement with the client organization. However, we do not superimpose solutions, we do not prepare heavy reports with a pile of recommendations, we do not theorize in academic exercises. We talk action and results.