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December 1, 2011
Hitoshi Mukai has been appointed representative director and president of IIOSS K.K.; he has worked for the company as a vice president since last December.
Here is a message from the new president. >>
Novenber 1, 2011
Yoshiyuki Oba joined IIOSS as a General Manager. He has been a successful SME Development Catalyst in Japan & Asia. As well as making policy recommendations for SMEs in Japan & emerging economies, he also will work toward the situation where all SMEs can utilize IIOSS’s tools and services for organizational transformation.

He started his career at the Japan Finance Corporation for SMEs (JASME), and then worked at the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, Sanwa Research Institute Ltd. (now Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting Ltd.), Tokyo Small Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd. (SBIC East Japan) and Crossborder Japan Co. Ltd. He is a visiting research fellow at both Waseda University's Vietnam Research Institute and the Japan Economic Research Institute .
August 25, 2011
The Organization Transformation Seminar by Global Business Leaders will be held on September 14; the theme of the seminar’s first session is “Organization Transformation based on Lifecycle and Leadership.” The speakers are Yoichiro Sugii, Founder and CEO of GLEDIS, Inc., and Seitaro Ishii, President of IIOSS K.K.
June 23, 2011
The IIOSS Transformation Seminar will be held on July 5; the theme is “Keys to Maintaining Sustainable Growth in Global Competition.” The speakers are Tetsuo Iwasaki and Hitoshi Mukai, Chairman and Vice President of IIOSS K.K., respectively.


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