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IIOSS's Powerful Diagnostic Tools and Consulting Services

IIOSS SeiJuku™ Management Profiler

Discover Your Management Style

The IIOSS SeiJuku™ Management Profiler is a diagnostic tool developed to identify management styles based on the IIOSS SeiJuku™ Management Style Model.

IIOSS believes that all management styles fall into four basic categories. Therefore, the management team has to be comprised of people with different styles so they can complement each other.

The Management Profiler will help you identify the right combination of management styles that fit your company's phase in the lifecycle. IIOSS promises that your company will achieve the best results if you build a management team accordingly.

IIOSS SeiJuku™ Organization Profiler

Diagnose Your Company's Age and Health

The IIOSS SeiJuku™ Organization Profiler is a diagnostic tool developed to (a) identify in which phase of the lifecycle your company currently is, and (b) how healthy your company is. This tool is based on the IIOSS SeiJuku™ Lifecycle Model.

Every organization passes through five developmental phases: Formation, Expansion, Transition, SeiJuku, and Saturation. While moving through these phases, the organization exhibits predictable and repetitive patterns of behavior at each phase. What was a recipe for success at one phase, can become an obstacle at the next phase. Knowing where you were, where you are, and where you are heading to gives a clear road map and prepares the organization for the incoming challenges.

The advancement on the developmental path is exhausting: there is a kabe (wall) between each stage. Some companies survive hitting these walls and continue their development, some other decline due to their inability to cope with these walls.

IIOSS SeiJuku™Transformation Consulting

Transform Your Company

It is often said that the success of a company depends on the quality of its strategies, but at IIOSS we place a higher priority on the health of your organization. This is because we view the organization as a complex and dynamic system which consists of 10 entities—people, task, environment, management, goal, reward, market, technology, money, and information. Each entity has a list of attributes, and all entities are in different relationships. Such organizational dynamics and complexity generate problems called “disharmonies,” which refer to discrepancies in the actual vs. desired organizational performance. Based on the number and gravity of the disharmonies, the companies can be located in three health areas: green (excellent health), yellow (acceptable health) and purple (bad health). Harmonizing organizations means adjusting the entities, improving the attributes and fixing the relationships among them in order to reach and sustain the green area of SeiJuku phase. We at IIOSS provide the organizations with tools and techniques to continuously look for disharmonies in the organization and harmonize them as much as possible.

In the process of harmonizing the organizations, we frequently revisit the organization culture, vision and mission, structure, and accountability system. Our experienced transformation professionals will help the company to trace its own way in this journey.