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IIOSS SeiJuku™ Management Profiler

The IIOSS SeiJuku™ Management Profiler discovers your management style, identifies your behavioral traits, provides a prescription for improving your management skills, and helps in designing an optimal coaching based on your actual style. The Management Profiler enables a broad understanding of people's behavior by diagnosing and analyzing the management styles of both individuals and groups. Please click here for more details about the IIOSS Management Style Model.

Individual Diagnosis and Analysis of Management Style

Individual Diagnosis and Analysis of Management Style

  • Discover your management style through:
    • Testing your approach to daily work activities
    • Examining how you perform the basic management tasks
    • Analyzing what is the impact of your way of doing things over the organization as a whole
  • Identify your behavioral traits through
    • Assessing your value system
    • Surfacing your repetitive behavioral patterns
    • Determining how you communicate with the rest of the organization
  • Provide a prescription for improving your management skills through:
    • Emphasizing your strengths as a manager
    • Pointing out your weaknesses as a manager
    • Listing the mismanagement behavior you are prone to do.
  • Receive optional coaching based on the diagnostic results
    • Classifying the areas of your future development
    • Customizing your future management training.

Group Diagnosis and Analysis of Management Style

  • Discover the management style of the group as a whole through:
    • Scrutinizing the individual differences between the group members
    • Juxtaposing the individual strengths and weaknesses.
    • Aggregating a group’s style by combining the individual members’ styles
  • Identify the group's approach to basic management functions through testing how the group members:
    • Respond to change
    • Take risk
    • Make decisions
    • Solve problems
    • Stay together in the group
    • Harness conflict
    • Allocate managerial abilities, and
    • Manage time.

      Group Potential for Fulfilling Fundamental management Activities
      Mismanagement by Group Members
  • Compose harmonized management teams consisting of members with different styles through:
    • Defining the areas of team members’ compatibility
    • Defining the areas where the team members can get into conflicts.
  • Analyze the special traits of the management team and get a prescription for improving performance through:
    • Discovering the team deficiencies in dealing with its assignments
    • Facilitating team’s decision making and problem solving.
    • Designing a tailored program for team-development and harmonization.