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We'd like to introduce IIOSS Theory™.

This is the product of our blood, sweat, and tears in years of study, survey, and consultation practices that we have done for a variety of organizations worldwide.

The purpose of IIOSS Theory is to improve the overall performance of humans involved in organizations of all kinds, as well as the overall performance of those organizations. This is done through capturing the basic human characteristics and predicting the future behavior of humans in organizational context. In doing so, the IIOSS Management Profiler™ and IIOSS Organization Profiler™ that we developed have diagnostic, descriptive, measurable, and prescriptive components. These profilers are based on the IIOSS Organization Behavior Theory, a part of the overall IIOSS Theory of Organizations.

The IIOSS Management Profiler deals with individual differences of people in organizational context and that is the reason why the applications of the Profiler potentially cover a broad range of human activities. The IIOSS theory offers an explanation for these differences, which makes it easier to recognize them and to use them in constructive ways.

The IIOSS Organization Profiler deals with individual differences of organizations. Utilizing the original IIOSS Theory of Organization, this Profiler provides unique diagnostic and prescriptive opportunities for companies of all types and size.

Combining both of these profilers results in creating your optimal model for achieving the SeiJuku Phase.

In the following pages, you will find more about the three essential models that comprise the IIOSS Theory.